Inlägg av Daniel

Blue Maiden

Earlier this year, I accompanied an archaeological excavation to the island to take photo and video for the public presentation. We, Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay, Anna-Karin Andersson and Kenneth Alexandersson, arrived on stormy seas on the northern part of the island, having hitched a ride with Sjöräddningssällskapet (the sea rescue fellowship). A provosional dock was made where we could unload our gear on the rocky shore line. is the result av long running science project that has been documenting and recording rock carvings from Västervik’s municipality, led by Joakim Goldhahn, professor in archaeology at the Linneaus university. Instead of presenting the results in a massive printed volume, it’s made available online. It may look like – and perform like – a classical database, but it’s so much more. Every now and then a new place of interest is added to the collection, pinpointed on the map. Joakim will continuously collect local stories and present these in the blog, connecting the stories to the added places. The public is invited to contribute by adding places of their own. A visitor have the ability to search for a rock carving by entering a text, place, or motive – or all of the above in a combination for a more accurate result.


I had the privilege of covering the marine archaeological investigation of Kronobergs Slottsruin (castle ruin). The reason for the investigation being a replacement of the bridges heading out to the ruin.


As a result of the Sandby Borg pictures I had the privilege to work with Charlotte Fabech and Ulf Näsman, documenting the Sösdala collection for a coming book. Hundreds of beautiful objects photographed in detail.

Nya Lödöse

Beneath Gamlestan, in the city of Gothenburg, lies Nya Lödöse, the towns predecessor. It has been excavated for a couple of years in order to make room for a new hub of transportation networks. The old city was in use between 1473 and 1624 when it was moved to what we today know as Gothenburg. I’ve had the pleasure of making YouTube videos for the excavation were finds are plenty and characters the same. Have a stroll through the clips below!

Sandby Borg

I’ve had the great pleasure of being involved in the excavation and presentation of the iron age ring fort, Sandby Borg, on Öland for the past couple of years. It is the municipal museum of Kalmar county that is in charge of the excavation, or rather the archaeological department, Museiarkeologi Sydost, where I did my internship during my student years.


My very first archaeological documentation, making a video about The Search of Karl XII’s sunken navy for Bohusläns Museum. A big thanks to all the marine archaeologists for letting me be a part of this day!