Sandby Borg

I’ve had the great pleasure of being involved in the excavation and presentation of the iron age ring fort, Sandby Borg, on Öland for the past couple of years. It is the municipal museum of Kalmar county that is in charge of the excavation, or rather the archaeological department, Museiarkeologi Sydost, where I did my internship during my student years.

As part of a course we spent a couple of weeks living on this beautiful island and excavating this extraordinary place in time. It was an amazing experience which changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined. One of those ways were in the way it led to my internship at the museum.

During the excavation I had taken pictures that was later used in different publication. The museum, understanding the value of a good presentation, allowed me to spend a couple of months in the archive, documenting every find that had been uncovered at Sandby Borg.

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