Using archaeology to peer behind the curtain of the past.

At The Historical Exploration Association  we don’t ask what happened. Instead we ask why. With elaborate explorations we travel through time sharing our questions while seeking answers to a better understanding of the past.

Today, more than ever, there are many misconceptions and false information about the past. At The Historical Exploration Association we take it upon ourselves to untangle the web that is history and present the past anew.

At The Historical Exploration Association we preach an optimized presentation for understanding, speaking about knowledge and how it is obtained, translated and communicated. We don’t take existing presentations for granted but look at the information and, if need be, employ a new interpretation before our re-presentation.

Hurry fast! Things are happening as we write. The didactical methods and the pedagogical tools we used yesterday no longer apply; everything has changed and we have all to gain in favor of a better understanding. We need to re-present now. Wait too long and the baddies will prevail.

Follow us on Twitter, haunt us on Instagram and keep a close eye on this site; the change is already upon us like a tidal wave and The Historical Exploration Association will ride it straight out of the old classrooms and into the future – join us for a better understanding of the past!

It’s all about understanding information interpretation re-presentation presentation translation memory recollection time

Hello, I’m Daniel,

I like to draw, read and write, make movies and take photos. This is the place where I combine all of that.

Specific thoughts have formed in regards to what I believe to be essential in a good representation of the past and Information Interpretation is always at the heart of it.

Background: Having studied and worked as a designer for ten years I became increasingly interested in the way we present the past. I put everything on hold and went back to school. Three years later, and a B.A. in archaeology from the Cultural Heritage program at the Linneaus University, I now work with presenting the past.


  • Design for Communication – Chelsea College
  • Media Technique – Academedia
  • Fine Arts – Lorenzo di Medici
  • Cultural Environment – Linnaeus University

Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology