By Event, Presentation

In 2017 we took archaeology on tour. The idea was to present remote archaeology to the public – on their turf – by bringing the presentation of the excavation to them. Together with Museiarkeologi Sydost, we toured the archaeological excavation of Sandby Borg, a remote place on the island of Öland, Sweden.

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By Presentation is the result av long running science project that has been documenting and recording rock carvings from Västervik’s municipality, led by Joakim Goldhahn, professor in archaeology at the Linneaus university. Instead of presenting the results in a massive printed volume, it’s made available online. It may look like – and perform like – a classical database, but it’s so much more. Every now and then a new place of interest is added to the collection, pinpointed on the map. Joakim will continuously collect local stories and present these in the blog, connecting the stories to the added places. The public is invited to contribute by adding places of their own. A visitor have the ability to search for a rock carving by entering a text, place, or motive – or all of the above in a combination for a more accurate result.

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