A wreck of a ship

Tucked away in a bay, on the west coast of Sweden, lies the wreck of a ship from Karl XII’s navy. This is the third installment of the archaeological excavation that’s been going on since the first surveillance of the area in 2015 (see movie from 2015 at the bottom of the page). In 2017 they found what looked to be an old ship and now, in 2019, the divers been down to find out if this indeed is the galley that belonged to Karl XII. 

It was such a blast making the video for this adventure. Together with the archaeologists Anders Gutehall, Jens Lindström and Staffan von Arbin, we all stayed in this crazy resort, Daftö Resort, that was abandoned for the season. The place had fittingly enough a pirate theme going and we stayed in a cabin decked out with a maritime theme.

The fellas would divide the days into shifts and go down for about 60 to 90 minutes at a time. They came up with discoveries that will, most likely, tell if this is the galley they have been looking for. Now the artifacts are off to the dendro lab to be dated and preparations are being made for the next installment in this very exciting series.

This video was made for the project Historiska Strömstad on assignment by Bohusläns Museum.

The video from the archaeological surveillance of 2015