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The Archaeological Excavation of Knästorp

During six months of 2023 we visited the archaeological excavation of Knästorp, in Skåne, Sweden. First in the field where we together with Linda Spanier went around and asked talked to the people within the project. Six months later we caught up with them again, this time in the office, to ask what the excavation yielded. Take a look at the 50 minute long documentary, and don’t forget to press that 4K-button, and CC for subs in Swedish, if you like. Please give a like if you enjoy content like this, as it tells us what to focus on. And if you want more, do consider subscribing to the channel as it’s very much appreciated.

This has been a production by The Archeo Agency, together with Uppåkra Arkeologiska Center, commissioned by Arkeologerna in Lund.

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Knästorp, Skåne – Sweden