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The shadows of archaeology

a Method when Photographing Archaeological Artefacts

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ArkeologiByrån – The Archaeo Agency – produces videos commissioned by museums, universities and archaeological companies. Visit the YouTube channel, Arkeologikanalen, and don’t forget to subscribe 😉

Latest addition to ArkeologiKanalen 👇
We visit the remote uninhabited island, Måseskär, where
Lars guides us to his childhood as a lighthouse keeper's son.
Together with Bohuslän's Museum we visit a place filled
with burial sites spanning from Stone Age to Iron Age.
A little glimpse into the archaeological excavation of Dalköpinge, outside of Trelleborg.
Part II coming this summer.


På Varje Plats

The Archaeo Agency was commissioned to produce four films at different locations in Skåne where…
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GFX Challenge Grant Winner

There’s a problem lurking in the shadows of archaeology photography.
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Can we already in the pre production stage take into account the needs of people…
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Sandby Borg

A ring fort on the edge of an island Ever since a migration period brosche…
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On assignment by Rio Göteborg Nature- and Culture cooperative. Once in the winter and once…
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