Presenting our Cultural Heritage through images

Daniel Lindskog

started as a photographer in 2002 and added a BA in Archaeology to the resumé in 2015 to be able to present our Cultural Heritage. For inquiries, please contact through

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For image licensing, please visit The Archaeo Agency for galleries of examples and additional license agreement information, both editorial and commercial.


Arkeologibyrån – The Archaeo Agency – is a video production company specializing in archaeology and cultural heritage presentations. On commission by museums and/or universities.


PhotArch is a method developed to present a view of past artistic expression by building a collection of artifacts displayed in a visually cohesive style.


maj 30, 2022 in Västra Götaland


Two seasons of excavation On assignment by Rio Göteborg Nature- and Culture cooperative Once in the winter and once in the summer I had the pleasure of visiting the archaeological…
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november 11, 2017 in Skåne


The complete collection of the Sösdala Horsemen Collection The Sösdala Horsemen A horse bridle told in 200+ photos The Sösdala Horsemen, edited by Charlotte Fabech and Ulf Näsman. The book…
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