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The shadows of archaeology

a Method when Photographing Archaeological Artefacts

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The Archaeo Agency was commissioned to produce four films at different locations in Skåne where a school pupil meets up with an expert. Take a look at the videos over at Arkeologikanalen on YouTube.

A little glimpse into the archaeological excavation of Dalköpinge, outside of Trelleborg.



GFX Challenge Grant Winner

There’s a problem lurking in the shadows of archaeology photography.
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Can we already in the pre production stage take into account the needs of people…
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Sandby Borg

A ring fort on the edge of an island Ever since a migration period brosche…
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On assignment by Rio Göteborg Nature- and Culture cooperative. Once in the winter and once…
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Archaeology Today

A textbook example of illustrated science Archaeology Today is a colouring book made by author…
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Specializing in Artefact Photography. Promoting a method for consistent results at


Producing videos specializing in Archaeology over at Arkeologibyrån. Visit on YouTube @arkeologikanalen


Photographer turned Archaeologist in order to present our Cultural Heritage. For inquiries, please get in touch at