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The complete collection of the Sösdala Horsemen Collection

The Sösdala Horsemen

A horse bridle told in 200+ photos

The Sösdala Horsemen, edited by Charlotte Fabech and Ulf Näsman. The book showcases a horse’s dress from the migration period. Hundreds of beautiful objects were photographed in great detail. A print of the complete collection is available through the link below.

”The bridle from Sösdala is a centerpiece of interaction between South Scandinavia and south-eastern Europe. The complete publication of the Sösdala find demonstrates that South Scandinavia in the Migration Period was an integral part of Europe.”

Charlotte Fabech – The Sösdala Horsemen and the equestrian elite of fifth century Europe
Ulf Näsman arranging the artifacts
The book ”The Sösdala Horsemen” edited by Charlotte Fabech and Ulf Näsman

The book is available on Amazon ISBN: 8793423152

Sösdala, Skåne – Sweden